Welcome to West Suffolk’s cultural education partnership: creating a network for those in the education and arts & culture sectors. Our collective mission is to improve and support children & young people’s access to arts & culture across the region. Sound good? Join the network today!


Periscope want to commission a cultural organisation or artist to create a new project which inspires, enriches and celebrates secondary-school students across West Suffolk, Mid Suffolk, and Babergh through arts and culture.  There is no ‘theme’; we want you to create a project which uses the skills and expertise you have to hand, with strong evidence that it will fulfil a genuine need from schools and students.

Click on the link below to download the project brief. The deadline is Monday 28 February 2022 at 10am. Good luck and thank you!

Who We Are

“Our collective aim is to bring together and build a dynamic community of partners from the arts, cultural, education and heritage sectors who are committed to driving and shaping the opportunities available for children and young people, teachers and schools in the west of Suffolk.”

What We Do

Connect educators with arts & culture experiences for their students

By connecting educators with artists and organisations, we help ensure students have access to the best arts & culture experiences from across the region for their students.

Help artists & organisations work with young people

The network helps provide artists and organisations a platform to connect with schools and young people, and create new projects and events.

Facilitate regular network gatherings

We facilitate regular network gatherings in which arts and education leaders from across the region can come together to share ideas, expand knowledge, and collaborate on projects.

Why We Do It

PERISCOPE is both a verb and a noun…

Watch the short video below to hear from our PERISCOPE chair, Toby Slater-Robins, about the network’s origins and its aims going forward.

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